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Product Siege is a new way for retailers to reach customers, through a highly organized database collection, as well as providing monthly savings, discounts, and promotions that displayed retailers may be offering.  Many retailers are listed with us currently, but many more are to come.  If you feel that your online business and/or services should be listed in Product Siege and would desire to be part of this ever-expanding and rapidly growing site, your options are listed below.  

To Join Product Siege You Must:

Click here for Commission Junction

To be listed in the Product Siege database you must Join Commission Junction as an Advertiser in their pay-for-performance ad network. Join Commission Junction Today!

  • Commission Junction is the pay-for-performance ad network that makes online advertising accountable for delivering cost-effective customer acquisition and increased sales.

  • As one of the largest ad networks in the world, operating entirely on a pay-for-performance basis, they act as the trusted third party between advertisers and publishers - serving, tracking, reporting and paying on performance-based online ad campaigns.

  • As an advertiser of Commission Junction, this allows not only Product Siege, but other web sites interested in your products and services to insert links and banners that allow customers to find your web site through the use of these particular links and banners, such as Product Siege.

The Benefits Of joining Commission Junction as an Advertiser

  • Global network of thousands of pre-screened publishers

  • Monthly commission processing and payment

  • Publisher approval, screening and sign-up

  • Pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead programs

  • Real-time tracking and reporting

  • Fraud prevention and detection

  • Multiple link types and offers

  • Free Publisher help desk

  • Non-exclusive contract

  • No software to install

  • Technical integration

  • Pay-for-performance

  • Ad serving included

How Advertisers are Promoted

  • New Advertisers are listed on the Account Manager homepage for 30 days
  • New Advertisers are promoted via the monthly CJ Wire email newsletter for publishers
  • Advertisers are listed for the life of their program in the Account Manager directory
  • Advertisers have the opportunity to purchase special listings in the directory for more exposure
  • Advertisers have the opportunity to send HTML and text recruitment messages to publishers

A Little Commission Junction Financing History

  • In April 2000 the company raised $40M in second-round financing from idealab!, Quest Mark Partners, Hikari Tsushin Inc. and Thomas Weisel Partners. First-round financing was $7M from CyberCash in August 1999, while the company raised $1M in seed capital in 1998.

When Commission Junction Approves You

When you have completed, and been approved for the Commission Junction Advertising service, you will need to contact us, at  Therefore, we will then be able to gather your links and banners that you have created and posted with CJ and place them in our database collection, where our customers can easily find what you offer, and any savings, discounts, or promotions that you may be offering at any particular time.


If you want a straight forward, easy way to join the database read below!

We invite you to consider the possibility of joining the many members that are currently listed in our directory.  You can secure a permanent position, in one of the 20 different shopping directory pages that we currently promote.  You will be provided the following: (for traditional banner and link ads please email

1)      Many Targeted Keywords

2)      Quick Navigation Link in the left hand column

3)      Very own, PERMANENT, full ad space, placed alphabetically in the list based upon URL. (this section provides site and/or product description, including up to three links, and a banner, typically used for monthly promotions, savings, discounts, etc that you may have.)

4)      We also rotate these sites in our advertising banner spots (when not full with paying customers) and promote them in the “Home Page” ad spot (also when not full with paying customers) free of charge.

These permanent positions are the most cost effective campaigns that we offer and combine all the benefits and ad packages that we offer in one.  The program is based upon a yearly subscription and has a fee of $299.00.  That includes all of the above mentioned advantages for one whole year!

If you are interested in joining one of the fastest growing, most organized directories on the web, please email us at for more information and to get listed NOW!

*as stated in the aboutus section, Product Siege will not post any websites that are adult oriented retailers or services.  Nor do we support retailers that may inflict a negative tone by race, gender, religion, or any other related destructive opinions.*

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